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Jay Park


Concept, direction, edit


Concept, Strategy, Production: Jay Park


We collaborate with Lotte Mart to produce 4 episodes of SPEED L stories. Catching up with the trendy and cinematic style for commercial, the series combined thrilling and dramatic elements to highlight SPEED L main characteristics: super fast, everywhere, anytime.

“Knock knock” “Who’s there?”

A sudden knock on your door? A super fast deliver has happened!

We added a little tension and dramatic dialogue to push the tempo of the story to the point!

A cinematic and entertaining experience in commercial that can only experience with SPEED L.

A team of professionals colloborate together for producing TVC.

Take a closer look at the filming process through this video.

3 .2 Mil

YouTube views on the full episodes only

Statistics of Facebook, Instagram and all cutdowns not included, so it's quite a number.

35 %

Awareness of the SmartCara in the Korea and Vietnam

Results from Memo2 reports - digital campaign tracker


Best Social Award - category webcare

We won a best social award, and we've been nominated a couple of times for other awards, like the Content Grand Prix.

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