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We never make a boring ad. Ever.

About us

About us

About us

About us

Pinky promise.

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HAY! Is exactly what you want your content to be. And our team is here to make it happen. Swaying your audience into a positive mindset around your brand and growing your business value in the process with our signature style.

We provide ideas and connect you with efficient teams in order to bring your vision to life. And that's exactly what we deliver through a smart strategy paired with contagious creativity. From strategy and concept to the production of all possible assets and distribution. You can count on us for full services.

Punching up their already creative ideas, their talents and turning them into reality. From viral social content to youtube formats, or television and cinema screen, we provide strategical plans and practical supports you every steps of the way.

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Maximize the advantages of individuals and businesses through communication products, HAYstudio focuses on investing in the array of advanced and modern specialized equipment and machinery to ensure that each product created meets the highest quality standards, thereby bringing core values to the business. Our partners such as Yamaha Motor, Tiger Wall, Heineken Refresh Your Music, Miss Vietnam, Black Rouge, Miss Universe Vietnam, Kids & Family TV, Vlive


We accompany you from the start! Discover and grow talents in a step-by-step and professional training process adapted from the well-known Korean entertainment system. Organize practical and efficient workshops, training course and culture trips to overseas, let you and your children experience lifestyle and education system in countries like Korea, China,Singapore, Thailand.


Build and develop digital channels, virual world to maximize promotion and consumption of brands and companies, artists etc. Plan, provide location and organize cultural & art program, events, exhibitions, press activities etc. We're born in film, and raised in advertising, and we know our way around a set. With our in-house production team we effortlessly go from shiny high-end cinematic stuff to social vids and formats for tighter budgets. Three main categories in our production department are Web Drama, TV Show and Cinema.

We really love what we do and we bring that passion and enthusiasm to the table in every project we take on.

And yes, our team takes work very seriously. But themselves? Not so much. We're creating stuff to sell ideas or products, there's no need to get all pretentious about that. We really love seeing that quality in our clients as well. We feel that makes for the best work. No egos, just pure creativity packed into a fun loving work ethic.